Monday, 28th August

8:00-8:30FoyerRegistration and morning coffee
8:30-10:00Workshops and Doctoral Program
R. 101 Colloquium on Implementation of Constraint Logic Programming Systems (CICLOPS) / Workshop on Parallel Methods for Constraint Solving (PaSeO)R. 103 Doctoral ProgramR. 107 Pragmatics of Constraint Reasoning (PoCR)R. 108 Constraint Solvers in Testing, Verification and Analysis (CSTVA)R. 111 Logic and Search (LaSh)
10:00-10:30FoyerCoffee, tea, refreshments
10:30-12:00Workshops and Doctoral Program
R. 101 CICLOPS / PaSeOR. 103 Doctoral ProgramR. 107 PoCRR. 108 CSTVAR. 111 LaSh
12:00-13:30Lunch break (lunch not provided)
13:30-15:30Workshops and Doctoral Program
R. 101 Progress Towards the Holy Grail (PTHG)R. 102 Constraint Modeling and Reformulation (ModRef)R. 103 Doctoral ProgramR. 107 PoCRR. 108 CSTVAR. 111 LaSh
15:30-16:00FoyerCoffee, tea, refreshments
16:00-18:00Workshops and Doctoral Program
R. 101 PTHGR. 102 ModRefR. 103 Doctoral ProgramR. 107 PoCRR. 108 CSTVAR. 111 LaSh
19:30-21:30Doctoral Program Dinner

Spaghetti Tree, 59 Bourke St

Tuesday, 29th August

8:00-8:45FoyerRegistration and morning coffee
9:00-10:00109Invited talk

Holger Hoos: The best of both worlds: Machine learning meets logical reasoning

10:00-10:30FoyerCoffee, tea, refreshments
10:30-12:10109CP1: Graphs and Graphical Models(chair: John Hooker)
On Maximum Weight Clique Algorithms, and How They Are EvaluatedCiaran McCreesh, Patrick Prosser, Kyle Simpson and James TrimbleRotation-Based Filtering for Stable MatchingMohamed Siala and Barry O'SullivanA Constraint Composite Graph-Based ILP Encoding of the Weighted CSPHong Xu, Sven Koenig and T. K. Satish KumarMDDs: Sampling and Probability ConstraintsGuillaume Perez and Jean-Charles Regin
10:30-12:10112CP2: Theory(chair: George Katsirelos)
Kernelization of Constraint Satisfaction Problems: A Study through Universal AlgebraVictor Lagerqvist and Magnus WahlströmAll or nothing: toward a promise problem dichotomy for constraint problemsLucy Ham and Marcel JacksonAnalyzing lattice point feasibility in UTVPI constraintsK. Subramani and Piotr WojciechowskiConditions Beyond Treewidth for Tightness of Higher-order LP RelaxationsMark Rowland, Aldo Pacchiano and Adrian Weller
10:30-12:00111ICLP1: Semantics(chair: Manuel Hermenegildo)
Fixpoint Semantics and Optimization of Recursive Datalog Programs with AggregatesCarlo Zaniolo, Mohan Yang, Matteo Interlandi, Ariyam Das, Alexander Shkapsky and Tyson CondieProgram Completion in the Input Language of GRINGOAmelia Harrison, Vladimir Lifschitz and Dhananjay RajuWell-Founded Operators for Normal Hybrid MKNF Knowledge BasesJianmin Ji, Fangfang Liu and Jia-Huai You
10:30-12:00110SAT1: MaxSAT and Minimal Correction Sets(chair: Nina Narodytska)
On Tackling the Limits of Resolution in SAT SolvingAlexey Ignatiev, Antonio Morgado and Joao Marques-SilvaMaxPre: An Extended MaxSAT Preprocessor (tool paper)Tuukka Korhonen, Jeremias Berg, Paul Saikko and Matti Järvisaloshort break(I Can Get) Satisfaction: Preference-based Scheduling for Concert-Goers at Multi-Venue Music FestivalsEldan Cohen, Guoyu Huang and J. Christopher BeckImproving MCS Enumeration via CachingAlessandro Previti, Carlos Mencia, Matti Järvisalo and Joao Marques-Silva
12:10-13:30Lunch break (lunch not provided)
13:30-14:30109Tutorial 1

Pietro Belotti: Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming

13:30-14:30110Tutorial 2

Armin Biere: Introduction to SAT

14:30-15:20109CP3: Search(chair: Willem-Jan van Hoeve)
Learning Rate Based Branching Heuristic for SAT SolversJia Liang, Vijay Ganesh, Pascal Poupart and Krzysztof CzarneckiSearch strategies for solving floating point constraint systemsHeytem Zitoun, Claude Michel, Laurent Michel and Michel Rueher
14:30-15:20112CP4: Probabilistic Reasoning(chair: Mark Wallace)
Minimum-Width Confidence Bands via Constraint OptimizationJeremias Berg, Emilia Oikarinen, Matti Järvisalo and Kai PuolamäkiCombining Stochastic Constraint Optimization and Probabilistic Programming: From Knowledge Compilation to Constraint SolvingAnna Latour, Behrouz Babaki, Anton Dries, Angelika Kimmig, Guy Van den Broeck, Luc De Raedt and Siegfried Nijssen
15:20-15:30109CP: upcoming conferences(chair: Chris Beck)
CPAIOR2018 and CP2018 Presentation
14:30-15:30111ICLP2: Systems and Tools(chair: Mario Alviano)
Inspecting Maude Variants with GLINTS (Tool paper)María Alpuente, Angel Cuenca-Ortega, Santiago Escobar and Julia SapiñaComputing LPMLN Using ASP and MLN SolversJoohyung Lee, Samidh Talsania and Yi Wang
14:30-15:20110SAT2: QBF SAT 1(chair: Olaf Beyersdorff)
A Resolution-style Proof System for DQBFMarkus N. RabeFrom DQBF to QBF by Dependency EliminationRalf Wimmer, Andreas Karrenbauer, Ruben Becker, Christoph Scholl and Bernd Becker
15:30-16:00FoyerCoffee, tea, refreshments
16:00-17:00109CP: Awards(chairs: Laurent Michel, Tias Guns)
ACP Research Excellence AwardACP Dissertation Award
16:00-17:00111ICLP3: Test of Time Award (10 years)(chair: Mirek Truszczynski)
User-Definable Resource Bounds Analysis for Logic ProgramsJorge Navas, Edison Mera, Pedro Lopez-Garcia, and Manuel V. Hermenegildo
16:00-17:30110SAT3: Best Paper Awards(chair: Friedrich Slivovsky)
Introducing Pareto Minimal Correction Subsets (Best Student Paper Award)Miguel Terra-Neves, Inês Lynce and Vasco ManquinhoShortening QBF Proofs with Dependency Schemes (Best Paper Award)Joshua Blinkhorn and Olaf BeyersdorffAn Empirical Study of Branching Heuristics through the Lens of Global Learning Rate (Best Student Paper Honourable Mention)Jia Liang, Vijay Ganesh, Krzysztof Czarnecki, Pascal Poupart and Hari Govind V K
17:00-17:50109CP5: Modeling(chair: Jimmy Lee)
Optimizing SAT Encodings for Arithmetic ConstraintsNeng-Fa Zhou and Håkan KjellerstrandModeling with Metaconstraints and Semantic Typing of VariablesAndre Cire, John Hooker and Tallys Yunes
17:00-17:50112CP6: Security and Attacks(chair: Ciaran McCreesh)
A Tolerant Algebraic Side-Channel Attack on AES Using CPFanghui Liu, Waldemar Cruz, Chujiao Ma, Gregory Johnson and Laurent MichelAndroid Database Attacks RevisitedBehnaz Hassanshahi and Roland Yap
17:00-18:00111ICLP4: Technical Communications: Implementation & Tools(chair: Amelia Harrison)
A Hitchhiker's Guide to Reinventing a Prolog MachinePaul TarauTerm Hiding and its Impact on Run-time Check SimplificationNataliia Stulova, Jose F. Morales and Manuel V. HermenegildoSemantic Versioning Checking in a Declarative Package ManagerMichael HanusLogic Programming with Max-Clique and its Application to Graph ColoringMichael Codish, Michael Frank, Amit Metodi and Morad MuslimanyEfficient Declarative Solutions in Picat for Optimal Multi-Agent PathfindingNeng-Fa Zhou and Roman Barták
18:00-20:00110Opening reception

Drinks and canapés
Colette Colmerauer: Alain Colmerauer, a few clues...

Wednesday, 30th August

8:15-9:00FoyerRegistration and morning coffee
9:00-10:00109Invited talk

Mark Wallace: Constraints and the 4th Industrial Revolution

10:00-10:30FoyerCoffee, tea, refreshments
10:30-12:10109CP7: Clustering, Mining, & Synthesis(chair: Mohamed Siala)
Constraint Programming for Multi-criteria Conceptual ClusteringMaxime Chabert and Christine SolnonA New Declarative Framework for Constrained Community DetectionMohadeseh Ganji, James Bailey and Peter J. StuckeyCoverSize: A Global Constraint for Frequency-based Itemset MiningPierre Schaus, John Aoga and Tias GunsConstraint-Based Synthesis of Datalog ProgramsAws Albarghouthi, Paraschos Koutris, Mayur Naik and Calvin Smith
10:30-12:10112CP8: Scheduling(chair: Ken Brown)
An Incomplete Constraint-Based System for Scheduling With Renewable ResourcesCédric PraletInteger and Constraint Programming for Batch Annealing Process PlanningWillem-Jan Van Hoeve and Sridhar TayurNightSplitter: a scheduling tool to optimize (sub)group activitiesTong Liu, Jacopo Mauro, Maurizio Gabbrielli and Roberto Di CosmoTime-aware Test Case Execution Scheduling for Cyber-Physical SystemsMorten Mossige, Arnaud Gotlieb, Helge Spieker, Hein Meling and Mats Carlsson
10:30-12:00111ICLP5: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning(chair: Esra Erdem)
Representing Hybrid Automata by Action Language Modulo TheoriesJoohyung Lee, Nikhil Loney and Yunsong MengProductive Corecursion in Logic ProgrammingEkaterina Komendantskaya and Yue LiModel Enumeration in Propositional Circumscription via Unsatisfiable Core AnalysisMario Alviano
10:30-12:00110SAT4: Clause learning and symmetry handling(chair: Gilles Audemard)
Symmetric explanation learning: Effective dynamic symmetry handling for SATJo Devriendt, Bart Bogaerts and Maurice BruynoogheAn adaptive prefix-assignment technique for symmetry reductionTommi Junttila, Matti Karppa, Petteri Kaski and Jukka KohonenOn the community structure of Bounded Model Checking SAT problemsGuillaume Baud-Berthier, Jesus Giráldez-Cru and Laurent SimonCoverage-based Clause Reduction Heuristics for CDCL SolversHidetomo Nabeshima and Katsumi Inoue
12:10-13:30Lunch break (lunch not provided)
13:30-14:30109Tutorial 3

Guido Tack: Introduction to Constraint Programming

13:30-14:30110Tutorial 4

Tias Guns: Machine Learning and Data Science

14:30-15:30109Invited talk

Enrico Pontelli: Back to the Future – Parallelism and Logic Programming

15:30-16:00FoyerCoffee, tea, refreshments
16:00-17:40204CP: Best Papers(chair: Chris Beck)
Arc consistency via Linear ProgrammingGrigori German, Olivier Briant, Hadrien Cambazard and Vincent JostReduced Cost Fixing in MaxSATFahiem Bacchus, Matti Järvisalo, Paul Saikko and Antti HyttinenOptimal Torpedo SchedulingAdrian Goldwaser and Andreas SchuttImproved Filtering for the Bin-Packing with Cardinality ConstraintGuillaume Derval, Jean-Charles Regin and Pierre Schaus
17:40-18:10204CP: Competitions(chair: Chris Beck)
XCSP Competition and MiniZinc Challenge Results
16:00-17:30209ICLP6: Reasoning(chair: Vladimir Lifschitz)
Finite Model Reasoning over Existential Rules (Best Student Paper)Giovanni Amendola, Nicola Leone and Marco MannaTicker: A System for Incremental ASP-based Stream ReasoningHarald Beck, Thomas Eiter and Christian FolieWhen You Must Forget: Beyond Strong Persistence when Forgetting in Answer Set ProgrammingRicardo Gonçalves, Matthias Knorr, Joao Leite and Stefan Woltran
16:00-17:30210SAT5: SAT encoding(chair: Serge Gaspers)
SAT-Encodings for Special Treewidth and PathwidthNeha Lodha, Sebastian Ordyniak and Stefan SzeiderCNFgen: a Generator of Crafted Benchmarks (tool paper)Massimo Lauria, Jan Elffers, Jakob Nordstrom and Marc Vinyalsshort breakA lower bound on CNF encodings of the at-most-one constraintPetr Kucera, Petr Savicky and Vojtech VorelSAT-Based Local Improvement for Finding Tree Decompositions of Small WidthJohannes K. Fichte, Neha Lodha and Stefan Szeider
17:30-19:00209ICLP7: Technical Communications: Knowledge Representation & Probabilistic Logic Programming(chair: Paul Tarau)
Entity Set Expansion from the Web via Answer Set Programming (application paper)Weronika T. Adrian, Marco Manna, Nicola Leone, Giovanni Amendola, and Marek AdrianUnderstanding Restaurant Stories Using an ASP Theory of IntentionsDaniela Inclezan, Qinglin Zhang, Marcello Balduccini and Ankush IsraneyReasoning on Anonymity in Datalog+/-Giovanni Amendola, Nicola Leone, Marco Manna and Pierfrancesco VeltriThe Ingredients of the Argumentation Reasoner pyglaf: Python, Circumscription, and Glucose to Taste (system and tool paper)Mario AlvianoLearning Effect Axioms via Probabilistic Logic ProgrammingRolf SchwitterRule Based Temporal InferenceMelisachew Wudage Chekol and Heiner Stuckenschmidt
17:30-18:30210SAT Plenary
SAT Business Meeting
19:30-21:30207ICLP Programming Competition

Thursday, 31st August

8:00-8:45FoyerRegistration and morning coffee
8:45-9:00109Industry presentation

Daniel Hulme: Optimisation-as-a-Service with the Satalia SolveEngine

9:00-10:00109Invited talk

Nina Narodytska: Recent advances in Maximum Satisfiability

10:00-10:30FoyerCoffee, tea, refreshments
10:30-12:10109CP9: Explanations, Nogoods, Cuts, and Preferences(chair: Claude-Guy Quimper)
Combining Nogoods in Restart-Based SearchGael Glorian, Frederic Boussemart, Jean-Marie Lagniez, Christophe Lecoutre and Bertrand MazurePreference Elicitation for DCOPsAtena M.Tabakhi, Tiep Le, Ferdinando Fioretto and William YeohGenerating Linear Invariants for a Conjunction of Automata ConstraintsEkaterina Arafailova, Nicolas Beldiceanu and Helmut SimonisClique Cuts in Weighted Constraint SatisfactionSimon De Givry and George Katsirelos
10:30-12:10112CP10: Scheduling & Sequencing(chair: Cedric Pralet)
An efficient SMT approach to solve MRCPSP/max instances with tight constraints on resourcesJordi Coll, Miquel Bofill, Josep Suy and Mateu VillaretConstraint Programming applied to the Multi-Skill Project Scheduling ProblemKenneth D. Young, Thibaut Feydy and Andreas SchuttHybrid Optimization Methods for Time-Dependent Sequencing ProblemsJoris Kinable, Andre Augusto Cire and Willem-Jan Van HoeveJob Sequencing Bounds from Decision DiagramsJohn Hooker
10:30-12:00111ICLP8: Higher Order Logic(chair: Agostino Dovier)
The Intricacies of 3-Valued Extensional Semantics for Higher-Order Logic Programs (Best Paper)Panos Rondogiannis and Ioanna SymeonidouConstraint Handling Rules with Binders, Patterns and ∇ QuantificationAlejandro Serrano and Jurriaan HageBest ICLP Doctoral Program Presentation
10:30-12:00110SAT6: Algorithms, Complexity, and Lower Bounds(chair: Fahiem Bacchus)
Backdoor Treewidth for SATRobert Ganian, M. S. Ramanujan and Stefan SzeiderProbabilistic Model Counting with Short XORsDimitris Achlioptas and Panos TheodoropoulosNew Width Parameters for Model CountingRobert Ganian and Stefan SzeiderHard satisfiable formulas for splittings by linear combinationsDmitry Itsykson and Alexander Knop
12:10-13:30Lunch break (lunch not provided)
13:30-14:00109Session in Honour of Alain Colmerauer. Chair: Chris Beck
14:00-15:30109CP Plenary
ACP Annual Meeting
14:00-15:30111ICLP Plenary
ALP General Meeting
14:00-15:30110SAT7: Competition results(chair: Laurent Simon)
MaxSAT Evaluation 2017Carlos Ansótegui, Fahiem Bacchus, Matti Järvisalo and Ruben MartinsCompetitive Evaluation of QBF Solvers (QBFEVAL'17)Luca Pulina and Martina SeidlSAT competition 2017Marijn Heule, Matti Jarvisalo and Tomas Balyo
15:30-18:00Guided tours

18:30-22:30Conference banquet

Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium, King St entrance

Friday, 1st September

8:15-9:00FoyerRegistration and morning coffee
9:00-10:00109Invited talk

Agostino Dovier: The role of SAT, CP, and Logic Programming in Computational Biology

10:00-10:30FoyerCoffee, tea, refreshments
10:30-12:10109CP11: SAT(chair: Christophe Lecoutre)
Integrating ILP and SMT for Shortwave Radio Broadcast Resource Allocation and Frequency AssignmentLinjie Pan, Jiwei Jin, Xin Gao, Wei Sun, Feifei Ma, Minghao Yin and Jian ZhangWeight-Aware Core Extraction in SAT-Based MaxSAT SolvingJeremias Berg and Matti JärvisaloMaxSAT-Based Large Neighborhood Search For High School TimetablingEmir Demirović and Nysret MusliuSolving Multiobjective Discrete Optimization Problems with Propositional Minimal Model GenerationTakehide Soh, Mutsunori Banbara, Naoyuki Tamura and Daniel Le Berre
10:30-12:10112CP12: Constraint Types(chair: Nicolas Beldiceanu)
A Novel Approach to String Constraint SolvingRoberto Amadini, Graeme Gange, Peter J. Stuckey and Guido TackSolving Constraint Satisfaction Problems Containing Vectors of Unknown SizeErez Bilgory, Eyal Bin and Avi ZivDefining and Evaluating Heuristics for the Compilation of Constraint NetworksJean Marie Lagniez, Pierre Marquis and Anastasia PaparrizouExtending Compact-Table to Basic Smart TablesHélène Verhaeghe, Christophe Lecoutre, Yves Deville and Pierre Schaus
10:30-12:00111ICLP9: Answer Set Programming(chair: Jia-Huai You)
Achievements in Answer Set ProgrammingVladimir LifschitzConstraints, Lazy Constraints, or Propagators in ASP Solving: An Empirical AnalysisBernardo Cuteri, Carmine Dodaro, Francesco Ricca and Peter SchüllerClingo goes Linear Constraints over Reals and IntegersTomi Janhunen, Roland Kaminski, Max Ostrowski, Torsten Schaub, Sebastian Schellhorn and Philipp Wanko
10:30-12:00110SAT8: SMT and certificates(chair: Armin Biere)
On Simplification of Formulas with Unconstrained Variables and QuantifiersMartin Jonas and Jan StrejčekTheory Refinement for Program VerificationAntti Hyvärinen, Sepideh Asadi, Karine Even-Mendoza, Grigory Fedyukovich, Hana Chockler and Natasha SharyginaA Benders Decomposition Approach to Deciding Modular Linear Integer ArithmeticBishoksan Kafle, Graeme Gange, Peter Schachte, Harald Sondergaard and Peter J. StuckeyThe GRAT Tool Chain: Efficient (UN)SAT Certificate Checking with Formal Correctness Guarantees (tool paper)Peter Lammich
12:10-13:30Lunch break (lunch not provided)
13:30-15:35109CP13: Global Constraints(chair: Roland Yap)
Among Implied Constraints for Two Families of Time-Series ConstraintsEkaterina Arafailova, Nicolas Beldiceanu and Helmut SimonisRanking ConstraintsChristian Bessiere, Emmanuel Hebrard, George Katsirelos, Zeynep Kiziltan and Toby WalshThree Generalizations of the Focus ConstraintNina Narodytska, Thierry Petit, Mohamed Siala and Toby WalshConjunctions of Among ConstraintsVictor DalmauLearning the Parameters of Global Constraints Using Branch-and-BoundEmilie Picard-Cantin, Mathieu Bouchard, Claude-Guy Quimper and Jason Sweeney
13:30-15:35112CP14: Routing and Transportation(chair: Andreas Schutt)
Constraint Handling in Flight PlanningAnders Nicolai Knudsen, Marco Chiarandini and Kim S. LarsenConstraint-Based Fleet Design Optimisation for Multi-Compartment Split-Delivery Rich Vehicle RoutingTommaso Urli and Philip KilbyA Column-Generation Algorithm for Evacuation Planning with Elementary PathsMohd. Hafiz Hasan and Pascal Van HentenryckBranch-and-Check with Explanations for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time WindowsEdward Lam and Pascal Van HentenryckAn Optimization Model for 3D Pipe Routing with Flexibility ConstraintsGleb Belov, Tobias Czauderna, Maria Garcia de La Banda, Mark Wallace, Michael Wybrow and Amel Dzaferovic
13:30-14:30111ICLP10: Test of Time Award (20 years)(chair: Gopal Gupta)
Hybrid Probabilistic ProgramsAlex Dekhtyar and V.S. Subrahmanian
13:30-14:35110SAT9: Parallel SAT solving(chair: Alexey Ignatiev)
A Distributed Version of SyrupGilles Audemard, Jean Marie Lagniez, Nicolas Szczepanski and Sebastien TabaryPaInleSS: a Framework for Parallel SAT SolvingLudovic Le Frioux, Souheib Baarir, Julien Sopena and Fabrice KordonA Propagation Rate based Splitting Heuristic for Divide-and-Conquer SolversSaeed Nejati, Zack Newsham, Joseph Scott, Jia Liang, Catherine Gebotys, Pascal Poupart and Vijay Ganesh
14:45-15:35110SAT10: QBF SAT 2(chair: Olaf Beyersdorff)
Dependency Learning for QBFTomáš Peitl, Friedrich Slivovsky and Stefan SzeiderA Little Blocked Literal Goes a Long WayBenjamin Kiesl, Marijn Heule and Martina Seidl
14:30-15:30111ICLP11: Defeasible and Default Reasoning(chair: Francesco Ricca)
Annotated Defeasible LogicGuido Governatori and Michael MaherA New Algorithm to Automate Inductive Learning of Default TheoriesFarhad Shakerin, Elmer Salazar and Gopal Gupta
15:30-16:00FoyerCoffee, tea, refreshments
16:00-17:30111ICLP12: Applications(chair: Michael Codish)
Hybrid Conditional Planning using Answer Set ProgrammingIbrahim Faruk Yalciner, Ahmed Nouman, Volkan Patoglu and Esra ErdemImproving Adherence to Heart Failure Management Guidelines via Abductive Reasoning (Application Paper)Zhuo Chen, Elmer Salazar, Kyle Marple, Lakshman Tamil, Gopal Gupta, Sandeep Das and Alpesh AminLogic Programming Approaches for Routing Fault-free and Maximally-parallel Wavelength Routed Optical Networks on Chip (Application paper)Marco Gavanelli, Maddalena Nonato, Andrea Peano and Davide Bertozzi
17:30-FoyerConference closes