This year CP 2017, ICLP 2017 and SAT 2017 will feature a series of co-located workshops.

The purpose of the workshops is to provide an informal venue in which participants can explore specific research areas in depth, discuss new research directions, study specific application areas, or bring together researchers from different fields with shared interests.

In previous years, workshop topics included data analytics, smart cities, packing & placement, cloud computing, configuration, teaching, testing & verification, bioinformatics, constraint-based modelling, solvers, cross-fertilisation with other solving technologies, etc.

All workshops will take place at the site of the main conference, and follow either a half-day format or a full-day format.

Accepted workshops

  • Workshop on Parallel Methods for Constraint Solving (PaSeO 2017)
  • Pragmatics of Constraint Reasoning (PoCR 2017)
  • Workshop on Constraint Solvers in Testing, Verification and Analysis (CSTVA 2017)
  • Workshop on Logic and Search (LaSh 2017)
  • Progress Towards the Holy Grail (PTHG 2017)
  • International Workshop on Constraint Modeling and Reformulation (ModRef 2017)
  • Colloquium on Implementation of Constraint Logic Programming Systems (CICLOPS 2017)


  • Charlotte Truchet (CP), Université de Nantes, France
  • Enrico Pontelli (ICLP), New Mexico State University, USA
  • Stefan Rümmele (SAT), University of New South Wales, Australia